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Strategic Life Solutions (SLS) recognizes the challenges we face in life. These challenges have an effect on our personal, business and/or financial lives. It takes time and resources to meet these challenges and provide a viable solution so the “bottom line” of our lives will increase. Finding proper providers and resources is a challenge in and of itself.

Let us meet the challenges in your personal, business, or financial life with solutions.

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Where can we go to find a place where solution providers are at our fingertips? That place is Strategic Life Solutions. We have interviewed and invited solution providers in various areas of life to be part of this invaluable service. They offer to serve as a person or resource to explore solutions to the challenges we face.


Introducing Us In Business, a solution to connect business with community.

The US IN Business Directory is YOUR LOCAL mobile app of businesses in YOUR area. With the touch of your finger you can locate and call YOUR business of choice with ease. US IN BUSINESS is simply that; those of Us in the local community who are IN business. We hold various positions as CEOs, owners, associates or part-time entrepreneurs in business for ourselves. MORE...





One Problem, One Solution.

"There has never been an easier time to get a second sale from an existing customer..."

Rick Giles of RICK GILES AND ASSOCIATES has joined our team to train and coach SLS to be the successful company it is born to be.

Rick states in an article in Small Business Trendsetters, "Today there are a multiplicity of Small Business Professional Doctors, Lawyers,Real Estate Brokers and Financial Services Agency  that are selling the exact same thing that you are, and your prospect  are looking for more about you to make a decision based on something other than the features and benefits you have listed in your sales and marketing information."

"We here at R.Giles Associates, in harmony with the sometime controversial Perry Belcher, a Master Marketer who said; “There has never been a harder time to get a first sale from a new customer…but there has never been an easier time to get a second sale from an existing customer.”

"These professionals relied on their network of referrals. They went to the “right schools” and then developed a reputation among a select group of their friends that made them an attractive option that brought business to their door. Those days and that situation have however changed because of Google Reviews and  Social Media."

Rick continues to develop strategies and systems to solve our particular problems, one at a time; One problem, One solution. Thanks to Rick, we have experienced qualitative growth and look forward to explosive quantitative growth during the next six months by implementing, with consistency, those systems R Giles and Associates have helped us put into place.

- R. Lee Moore, Sr., Strategic Life Solutions

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The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle.

- Richard Dawkins

SLS is committed to constantly seeking those dedicated to serving you as your solution providers. We are passionate about acquiring resources and information that will help you strategically solve your issues that hinder your growth, in business, personally, and financially. Contact us today and share your thoughts. We want to hear from you.

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SLS is a collaboration of local business professionals in a variety of service areas with the purpose of providing solutions for the challenges of our clients.

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SLS providers are expected to listen to your challenges, learn what your goals are and leverage our resources to provide a reasonable solution to increase your "bottom line".

WE expect you to value our time, resources and passion to seek solutions for the issues you find may be blocking your road to success.

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